Painted Monuments

    Our painted monuments take our custom designs to another level. We use high quality artists acrylic paint and seal it with water based polyurethane to provide the most protection possible. The color will last for many years but not the hundreds of years that the granite will.  Just as paint on a home may fade or chip, this paint will not last forever.  It will however, greatly outlast other monument decorations such as flowers-both real and artificial.  It is a beautiful way to bring color and light to your loved one's memorial.    

     Each monument is hand painted and can be customized by the colors that you choose.  It is a loving way to memorialize someone who was one of a kind.

        Sizes in inches are given when the image is clicked on,  the numbers represent

                    width x depth x height

The sizes are for the main piece of the monument only and do not include the base or any vases. Before purchasing any monument, check with your cemetery, as each one has it's own regulations as to what types and sizes of materials are allowed. 



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