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Types & Sizes of Monuments

   There are many different styles and sizes of monuments available.  We can match an existing monument or use and existing monument as a starting point for size and shape.  The following are general types and common sizes of monuments.  We have most of them in stock in Georgia Gray granite.    


     Flat or Grass Marker - This type of marker is typically set flat into the ground, at or just above ground level.

          Individual Markers               

               20" x 10" x 4"                      

               24" x 12" x 4"                     

          Companion Markers                          

              36" x 12" x 4"                       


     Bevel or Pillow Marker - This type of marker sets above ground, it is approximately 6" tall at the back sloping to about 5" in the front.

          Individual Markers                

               20" x 10" x 6"                     

               24" x 12" x 6"                     

          Companion Markers

               36" x 12" x 8"                     


     Slant Marker - This type of marker sits above ground, it is approximately 16" tall in the back and slants down to a 2" nosing.  This creates a triangle or wedge shape from the side.

          Individual Markers                

                24" x 10" x 16"                          

                30" x 10" x 16"                  

          Companion Markers

                36" x 10" x 16"                   


      Upright with Base - This type of monument consists of an upright piece of granite set on a granite base.  Shapes, such as hearts, cost more.  These prices are for a standard serp top with straight sides.

           Individual Markers                  

                24" x 6" x 24" upright

                     30" x 12" x 6" base        

           Companion Markers

                36" x 6" x 24" upright

                     48" x 12" x 6" base         

                48" x 6" x 24" upright

                      60" x 12" x 6" base        

                60" x 8" x 24" upright

                      72" x 14" x 8" base        



Colors of Granite

    There are many different colors of granite available for monuments today.  Below are samples of some of the most popular and our favorites.  Georgia Gray granite is the most affordable, the colors following get progressively more expensive with Blue Pearl being the most expensive.  If you are looking for a color not listed here, please check with us, we may be able to get the color you are looking for.


     The possibilities for design are limited only by the size of the monument and your imagination.  Your design idea can be something as simple as daisies or as complex as a portrait.  Feel free to e-mail pictures of ideas that you would like to use.  The preliminary sketches will give you an idea of how it will translate to a sandblasted or etched design.


Request a Quote and Sketch

     Once you have an idea of what monument you would like, contact us with the following information:

          Your name, e-mail address, mailing address, and daytime phone number.

          Type, size and color of monument.

          The name(s) for the monument, birth and death dates, verse and design ideas.

          Cemetery address and phone number.

We will send you an itemized price quote and shipping quote along with a rough sketch of the monument.


Ordering and Payment

     Once you decide to order a monument, contact us by phone (575-278-3475) or e-mail (customerservice@custom-monuments.com) to let us know that you would like to order the monument we quoted for you.    We will send you an e-mail invoice through Pay Pal in which you will be able to click on a button to pay through them. 

     Let us know of any changes you would like to make to the design, spelling or dates.  We will begin work on final approval drawings.  When the drawing has final approval, we will begin work on the monument.

     In stock items will, of course,  be produced faster than custom orders.  In stock monuments can be made and shipped in as little as four weeks from the time it is approved. We keep most sizes of Georgia Gray in stock.  Most colors in standard shapes can be sent to us within eight weeks.  Custom order special shaped or sculpted granite may take as much as sixteen weeks to reach us with an additional two weeks for us to sandblast them. 



     We believe in getting the best possible deal for our customers.  We will shop for the best shipping rates we can get to deliver the monument to your area.  Please include your cemetery information when requesting a quote so we may check for shipping rates. 


Monument Installation

     Most cemeteries have the equipment and are willing to install monuments for a fee.  Please check with your cemetery before ordering a monument.  We will ship your monument directly to the cemetery for them to install it.  If this service isn't available at your cemetery, you can contact a local monument company or even funeral home to arrange installation of the monument.

     We are not just a internet company, we are a real monument company so we can offer installation to our local customers.  Foundations are extra (concrete or granite are available) but installation is no extra charge for customers in Union and Colfax counties in northeastern New Mexico.  We can install monuments in cemeteries that are close to these counties (in parts of  New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas) for an extra fee.




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